Conditions for full membership:

Individuals who have graduated from undergraduate programs in psychology, counseling and guidance, medicine, social work, child development, teaching, sociology, and other related fields, or who are currently pursuing graduate education in psychology and educational sciences, as well as subfields such as psychiatry, public health, social pediatrics, child development, family counseling, women’s studies, etc. Individuals who are interested in adolescence, youth, and the transition to adulthood, as well as the research knowledge specific to this period, in addition to their graduation area.

Conditions for honorary membership:

Individuals, whether natural or legal persons, who voluntarily provide any kind of financial and moral support to the association. A decision of the board of directors is required for honorary membership. Honorary members do not have the right to vote or be elected at the general assembly. They can attend the general assembly and speak in the section for wishes and recommendations. They can be elected to commissions and committees for their work by the decision of the board of directors. Honorary members can participate in all scientific activities of the association and take part in their activities. Honorary members can donate if they wish. Residency is not required for honorary members who are not Turkish citizens.

Termination of Membership:

Reasons for termination of membership:

1- Engaging in behavior contrary to the association’s bylaws,
2- Constantly avoiding duties assigned to them,
3- Failing to pay membership dues within six months, despite written warnings,
4- Losing the membership conditions.

Please fill out the following application form to apply for membership to the association.

Click here for the Regular Membership Application Form.
Click here for the Honorary Membership Application Form.

Membership Fee Prices

Membership Entrance Fee: 100 TL
Membership Annual Fee: 200 TL

For Postgraduate Students:

Membership Entrance Fee: 100 TL
Membership Annual Fee: 150 TL

Please deposit the membership entrance and annual fees to the following account by writing your name, surname, membership, and entrance fee in the description section, and send the membership form along with the receipt:

TL IBAN: TR54 0001 5001 5800 7309 4378 50
EUR IBAN: TR72 0001 5001 5804 8017 9801 35
USD IBAN: TR40 0001 5001 5804 8017 9801 29